Tips For Buying Perfect Wedding Shoes

Shoes are every girl’s weakness. But what happens most of the time that all girls in pursuance of following the trend literally forget that the comfort factor is also just as important as the fashion element, if not more important than that even. Especially when you are buying the wedding shoes or the bridal shoes, the comfort factor literally overweighs the style. But that doesn’t mean that for this you have to let go away the style factor as perfect matching of the bridal shoes with the attire is again very crucial. Here are just a few tips that you must keep in mind while going out shopping for your wedding shoes or the rest of wedding accessories.

Shop for the shoes at the appropriate time which is in evening. This is the perfect time when you are in a position to perfectly figure out your foot size. So you can easily find out the match which will fit you throughout the day without any element of discomfort.

Another amazing fact reveals that all the human beings have one foot slightly longer than the other one. So whenever you are going to buy your wedding shoes, make sure to try at least two sizes. The one that is slightly smaller and the one that is slightly larger. And always prefer to buy the larger one. To enhance the fitness you can always add a foot sole.

Always go for size and fit. This is pretty obvious that your shoe size number is going to vary between different shoe brands and manufactures. All of them are not the same, nor do they follow any certain standard of measurements. So never just play with the figures but go and actually try out the pair at your own. The best fitting shoe will have a difference of at least a finger between the pointing side and the longest toe of your feet. When we talk about the fit, even the width factor is pretty crucial again. Compare your broadest part of the shoe with the broadest part of your feet. Only go for it if this still looks nice otherwise don’t go for it.

The selection must always be made very wisely and pretty in accordance to the situation or the occasion where you are going to carry the pair. For regular usage always go for wedges and flat shapes as they would support your body more. But as we are talking about the wedding shoes, they must be in accordance to your dress length. No matter if they would be prominent under the dress or not, you just cannot take risk with your shoes.

Finally this could sound a bit weird but your feet tend to grow longer as you age. So never trust with your old measure foot size. Always bear in mind then while buying the wedding shoes you just cannot compromise on the comfort factor. Match your wedding shoes with the dress and rest of the accessories so that it perfectly complements your personality on the whole.